Wholesale Accounts Available

Vanguard Industries Wholesale Chemical Supplier WarehouseVanguard Industries provides wholesale accounts to businesses that qualify, offering extremely competitive pricing and best in class customer service. 

Interested in carrying our products in your retail store? Ready to expand your brand offerings through private label ("white label") services?  Want to offer more products for your customers without the hassle of managing your own inventory and shipping logistics?

Do you have bulk supply needs in your facility or operation?  Are you using any of our products as a raw material in your production process?

Finding the right supplier to provide your business with high quality wholesale or bulk chemicals is a great way to save your company money and can also help you to expand the list of products that you can offer your customers. 

Our Wholesale team will help you every step of the way, don’t wait to experience the benefits of having a dedicated account manager, access to special pricing agreements, credit accounts, private label opportunities, drop ship services, and consolidated monthly statements & online invoice payments.    

How to know if you qualify for a wholesale account or for bulk pricing?

Wholesale customers:
  • Purchase product that will be resold to their customers

  • Purchase product that will be used as a raw material in their process to create a new product that will be sold

Bulk customers:

If you are the end user of a product (using it in your own operation in a manner other than listed above), then purchasing our products wholesale isn’t right for you.  However you can request a bulk pricing quote if you are purchasing quantities of 1 pallet or more of a given product.

  • What is considered a full pallet?

    • 4x1 cases or 5 gallon pails ship 36-48 per pallet (depending on the product)

    • 30 gallon and 55 gallon drums ship 4 per pallet

    • Totes ship 1 per pallet, bulk discounts available at purchase of 3 or more totes in a single order

What is the process for applying for a wholesale account?

  1. If you fit into one of the categories above (bulk/wholesale), fill out the form located below and include as much information as you can regarding the specific products you are interested in, the sizes, and an estimated quantity per order.

  2. Wholesale customers will be required to submit a Resale License as well as a Sales & Use Tax Exemption/Resale Certification Form, so begin to prepare those documents for submission to speed up the application process.

  3. Please provide your primary ship to address to allow for freight quotes to be created more easily

  4. Once we receive your information a representative will reach out to you as soon as possible


Wholesale Account/Bulk Pricing Request Form