Sanitizer Stand: Dual Function 1-Gallon Jug or Touchless Dispenser
This sanitizer stand is the perfect compliment to any of our hand sanitizers and soaps!  So versatile, it can be employed in a combination of ways: it can either be used with any of our gallon jug & hand pump products, or you can mount any of our refillable dispensers…

Touchless Infrared Auto Dispenser: Liquid/Gel

An excellent option for administering liquid and gel hand sanitizer and hand soap products.

Bac Stop™ 3A (Hand Sanitizer)

Premium hand sanitizer and antiseptic that can be used when soap and water are not available.

Sanitizer Eco-Stand

This economical yet sturdy eco-stand creates an excellent free-standing hand sanitizer station.

Other great solutions!

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Hydrogen peroxide disinfects wounds, cleans and sterilizes surfaces, and prevents the spread of viruses, bacteria and mold. It can also get surfaces looking sparkling clean.
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Hand sanitizer is an important tool against bacteria and one of the best ways to prevent the spread of viruses. Bac Stop 3A by Enviro Tech is our USDA Rated E3, WHO compliant liquid hand sanitizer.
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This hand sanitizer creates a quick-to-dry foam with moisturizing ingredients that sanitize your hands after each application and leaves them feeling soft and smooth.
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This gel instant hand sanitizer is a premium pH-balanced hand sanitizer that is mild on skin, yet tough enough to exceed FDA/USDA efficacy guidelines for hand sanitizers and antiseptic hand treatments.
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