Irrigation Line Cleaner

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Well managed irrigation and drip sysetms is part of being committed to best farming practices that include maintaining the integrity of water quality. And reliable irrigation water is a key component of farm sustainability.

That’s why we offer Irrigation Line Cleaner – a specialized blend of acids, oxidizers, and chelators – for the removal and prevention of scale, as well as slime build-up in irrigation lines. Irrigation Line Cleaner is a one-of-kind product that is safe for use in irrigation pipes as well as drip irrigation lines. Irrigation Line Cleaner increases water penetration in alkaline soils, prevents and removes various types of carbonate-based scale, and eliminates slime build-up to increase water flow.

Many hydrogponics facilities use hydrogen peroxide to clean their irrigation lines, try our specially formulated Irrigation Line Cleaner for a more effective and efficient method to keep your lines clean and your crops healthy.