Bac Stop 3A - Liquid Hand Sanitizer (70%)

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Hand sanitizer is an important tool against bacteria and one of the best ways to prevent the spread of viruses. Bac Stop 3A by Envirotech is our USDA Rated E3, WHO compliant liquid hand sanitizer.

This liquid instant hand sanitizer is a premium pH-balanced hand sanitizer that is mild on skin, yet tough enough to exceed FDA/USDA efficacy guidelines for E3 hand sanitizers and antiseptic hand treatments.  It contains glycerin which leaves your hands feeling moisturized and soft and is a mild blend of skin emollients and alcohols.  It is not a gel.

The single gallon size of this product includes a misting hand pump with the order.  All other sizes DO NOT include a hand pump or mister (4x1 case, 55 gallon drum, 330 gallon tote).  To purchase a hand pump, please see this product: Misting Hand Pump.

A note to our customers: the FDA has strongly recommended hand sanitizers from Mexico not be used due to proof that some manufacturers intentionally adulterated the Ethanol with Methanol.  In several cases even, product labels claimed to contain 70% Ethanol but when tested contained all Methanol and no Ethanol whatsoever.  Of the 75 products subject to recall for this purpose, every one of them were from Mexico.  Some customers have misunderstood the FDA warning to be against the use of all Ethanol based hand sanitizers, however it is Methanol that should be avoided.  Ethanol has been safely used for this purpose for over 80 years.  

Our hand sanitizer products are all made in the USA and source Ethanol from US sources exclusively.  Please reach out to customer support if you have any questions or would like any further clarification on this issue.

Custom pricing for large/bulk orders available, please contact us with your inquiry through our contact page.