foam hand soap
Bac Stop™ E2 Foaming is a high quality antimicrobial foam hand soap that produces an abundant lather for a complete and gentle cleansing while washing germs away. Its formula contains Chloroxylenol and special enriched moisturizers and emollients.
Bac Stop™ E2 Foaming features chloroxylenol based protection and Kosher certification. It meets or exceeds USDA guideslines for E2* rated hand soaps and sanitizers.
Bac Stop E2 Foaming Antimicrobial Hand Soap

Best office practices against the spread of COVID-19

Restric access and place contact information outside on doors.

Maintain the social distance requirements.

Do not touch items "keep your hands to yourself".

Do not share keyboard or mouse, pens, clipboards, or documents.

Disinfect commonly touched items like door handles, chairs, tables, etc.

Do not slide your hand down handrails and furniture.

Stagger breaks to reduce the numbers at the lunchroom.

Ensure sufficient fresh air supply to avoid "recirculating" the air inside.

Avoid passing each other on the stairs. Wait on the landing until another person exited stairs.

Bac Stop™ E2 Foaming
Antimicrobial Hand Soap

Its use won't produce irritation or dryness and will leave your skin soft and refreshed while keeping you protected from diseases.

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Listed on the EPA N-list as effective against COVID-19, Sani-Clean can soften the water, emulsify soil and dirt, dissolve oils and fats.
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