We are creators

Making practical and approachable products that can lead you to have a safer life.

At Vanguard Industries, we strongly believe that we can lead the industry to create chemical products that improve lives through effective, safe to use products, that also help take care of the environment. Chemistry, our subject of research and creation, can be found everywhere. It’s in nature, it surrounds us and is inside us. We are creators, making practical and approachable products that can lead you to live a cleaner, safer life. We are also guides, striving to present the benefits and directions of our products so clear that when you use them, you are no longer afraid of chemistry products, but you love them in your daily life!

Vanguard’s principles


Authentic, dependable, trustworthy
Vanguard speaks with the truth. We are dedicated to the quality of our products – made with the highest standards – and our customers’ needs and well-being.


Educational, empowering, encouraging
Vanguard wants people to use its products safely. We create and give information, tips, facts to provide our customers with greater understanding and knowledge of how to use them confidently


Purposeful, enthusiastic, driven
Vanguard loves chemistry, its subject of research and creation. We believe in creating chemical products that can improve and make lives better and safer while also taking care of the environment.


Approachable, welcoming, embracing
Vanguard’s products are reachable. We not only provide information in a clear, understandable way, but we also care about our customers’ needs and questions, giving support all the time. Also, our products have unbeatable prices.

Highest Quality,
Best Price

We connect our customers throughout the US with the highest purity, cost-effective sanitizers, cleaners and commodity chemicals. We give our customers an edge in their industry by providing excellent customer service at prices that can’t be beat. Unlike our competitors we keep it simple, pure and affordable. We don’t put fancy names and labels on our products to make you think you’re getting something special just to charge you more.

75 years of combined experience

With more than 75 years of combined experience in the chemical industry, we service individuals, small business, and wholesale customers.

It is about the science

Water molecule

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