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20% Acetic Acid


Use 20% acetic acid to clean hard surfaces in the home.

20% acetic acid is a versatile, non-toxic cleaner that is safe to use around children and pets, It can also be used as a de-scaler for coffee pots and other home appliances. Buy 20% acetic acid direct from Vanuguard Industries and save.

Antibacterial and antifungal
Acetic acid has so many uses! You can utilize it as a descaler to remove limescale, as a rust remover, as a natural eco-friendly weed killer, and as a non-toxic cleaner and sanitizer at home (safe around kids & pets) since it’s great for general disinfecting and combating mold and mildew.
Elemental Cleaner
Other great solutions!
PERASPRAY is the only ready-to-use (RTU), EPA-registered peracetic acid spray on the market for cleaning, deodorizing, sanitizing, and disinfecting all types of surfaces.
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Hydrogen peroxide disinfects wounds, cleans and sterilizes surfaces, and prevents the spread of viruses, bacteria and mold. It can also get surfaces looking sparkling clean.
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Listed on the EPA N-list as effective against COVID-19, Sani-Clean can soften the water, emulsify soil and dirt, dissolve oils and fats.
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So many uses! For use in food production, manufacturing, and for cleaning.
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